Thyrotropin alfa


Thyrotropin alfa
Accession Number
DB00024 / AVX3D5A4LM

Thyrotropin alfa is a recombinant form of thyroid stimulating hormone utilized in performing sure checks in patients who've or have had thyroid most cancers. it's also used along side a radioactive agent to smash last thyroid tissue in positive patients who have had their thyroid gland eliminated because of thyroid most cancers. it's miles a heterodimeric glycoprotein produced from non-covalently related subunits, an alpha subunit of ninety two amino acid residues containing two N-connected glycosylation sites and a beta subunit of 112 residues containing one N-connected glycosylation web site. The alpha subunit is nearly identical to that of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), luteinizing hormone (LH), and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). The alpha subunit is concept to be the effector region answerable for stimulation of adenylate cyclase (worried the era of cAMP). The beta subunit (TSHB) is precise to TSH, and therefore determines its receptor specificity. The amino acid collection of thyrotropin alfa is same to that of human pituitary thyroid stimulating hormone.



Binding of thyrotropin alfa to TSH receptors on normal thyroid epithelial cells or on well-differentiated thyroid cancer tissue stimulates iodine uptake and organification. Thyrogen is an exogenous source of human TSH that offers an additional diagnostic tool in the follow-up of patients with a history of well-differentiated thyroid cancer.


For detection of residueal or recurrent thyroid cancer


Thyrotropin Alfa binds to the thyrotropin receptors found on any residual thyroid cells or tissues. This stimulates radioactive iodine uptake for better radiodiagnostic imaging.