Peginterferon alfa-2a


Peginterferon alfa-2a
Accession Number
DB00008 / Q46947FE7K

Peginterferon alfa-2a is a form of recombinant interferon used as part of mixture remedy to treat persistent Hepatitis C, an infectious liver ailment as a result of infection with Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). HCV is a single-stranded RNA virus this is labeled into nine wonderful genotypes, with genotype 1 being the most common inside the usa, and affecting seventy two% of all chronic HCV patients [L852]. remedy options for persistent Hepatitis C have advanced considerably since 2011, with the development of Direct acting Antivirals (DAAs) resulting in less use of Peginterferon alfa-2a. Peginterferon alfa-2a is derived from the alfa-2a moeity of recombinant human interferon and acts by binding to human kind 1 interferon receptors. Activation and dimerization of this receptor induces the body's innate antiviral response by means of activating the janus kinase/signal transducer and activator of transcription (JAK/STAT) pathway. Use of Peginterferon alfa-2a is associated with a extensive variety of extreme unfavourable results including the aggravation and development of endocrine and autoimmune problems, retinopathies, cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric headaches, and multiplied chance of hepatic decompensation in patients with cirrhosis. using Peginterferon alfa-2a has in large part declined for the reason that more moderen interferon-loose antiviral treatment plans had been advanced. In a joint recommendation published in 2016, the yankee association for the study of Liver sicknesses (AASLD) and the Infectious illnesses Society of the us (IDSA) now not propose Peginterferon alfa-2a for the treatment of Hepatitis C [A19593]. Peginterferon alfa-2a changed into used along [DB00811] with the reason to cure, or gain a sustained virologic response (SVR), after 48 weeks of therapy. SVR and eradication of HCV contamination is related to full-size lengthy-time period fitness advantages including decreased liver-associated harm, advanced excellent of lifestyles, reduced prevalence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, and reduced all-cause mortality [A19626]. Peginterferon alfa-2a is to be had as a hard and fast dose injector (tradename Pegasys) used for the remedy of persistent Hepatitis C. permitted in 2002 by the FDA, Pegasys is indicated for the treatment of HCV with [DB00811] or different antiviral drugs [FDA Label]. when combined collectively, Peginterferon alfa-2a and [DB00811] were proven to gain a SVR among 36% for genotype 1 and fifty nine% for genotypes 2-6 after forty eight weeks of treatment.



Peginterferon alfa-2a induces the body's innate antiviral response [FDA Label].


Peginterferon alfa-2a is indicated for the treatment of HCV in combination with other antiviral drugs in patients over 5 years of age with compensated liver disease [FDA Label]. May be used as a monotherapy in patients with contraindications to or significant intolerance to other anti-viral therapies. Peginterferon alfa-2a is also indicated as a monotherapy for adult patients with HBeAg positive and HBeAg negative chronic hepatitis B infection who have compensated liver disease and evidence of viral replication and liver inflammation [FDA Label].


Peginterferon alfa-2a is derived from recombinant human interferon's alfa-2a moeity [FDA Label]. It binds to and activates human type 1 interferon receptors causing them to dimerize. This activates the JAK/STAT pathway. Activation of the JAK/STAT pathway increases expression of multiple genes in multiple tissues involved in the innate antiviral response.